You deserve a world-class security system that covers everything you want to protect. Our team of professional security system installers has the skills and experience needed to design a unique system that suits your needs.

Business Security Camera Solutions from DistinctHD

According to recent data, properties without security systems are 2.7x more likely to experience a robbery.

This is as true for a commercial property as it is a home. And when a robbery does happen, only 10% are solved by police, which makes reclaiming your losses unlikely. With a comprehensive CCTV system, you can limit your risk and protect your property. Whether you’re interested in indoor or outdoor camera systems, video analytics, or other security solutions, DistinctHD is here to help.

Continuous monitoring and tracking

We’ll keep an eye on your building, even when you can’t. Our professionally-installed systems eliminate downtime and allow you the peace of mind that comes with top-quality installation.

New Technology Integration 

Access your video archives from wherever you are with our remote technology integrations. This makes it easy to keep your business safe on the go.

Extensive Video Archives

Our video archives ensure accurate recordings and the convenience of both cloud-based and on-premise solutions to keep your CCTV video footage safe.

Systems Designed for You

No two businesses are the same, which means no two security systems should be, either. Our team will assess your unique business needs to design an original system to keep your assets safe. Once your system is installed, we’ll keep working for you so your system always functions at maximum efficiency.

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